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Information about the cluster

  • Information about the cluster


    Charles HUOT

    Managing director

    Patrick Cocquet

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Rejoignez le premier collectif d'innovateurs du numérique d'Europe


Responsable projets : Philippe Roy
Responsable stratégie : Françoise Colaïtis

Responsible for communicationGaëlle Couraud

International ManagerCarlos Cunha

Address: 14 rue Alexandre Parodi
75010 Paris

Main thematics

  • Video game
  • Design
  • Culture, press, media
  • Image, sound and interactivity
  • Robotics and communicating objects
  • Education and digital training
  • Services and uses
  • Knowledge engineering
  • Free software, cooperation and new models

Active members

  • Big companies: 20
  • SME: 620
  • Research: 50 universités regroupant 170 laboratoires
  • Others partners: Collectivités territoriales


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