What objectives do "pôles de compétitivité" have ?

Clusters serving business and job growth

Clusters help to make the French economy more competitive. They develop growth and jobs in key markets by:

  • stepping up companies' innovation efforts and supporting mainly industrial activities with a large technological component;
  • improving the attractiveness of France through greater international visibility.

Boosting the economic benefits of the clusters' dynamism

The core activity of the clusters is to develop collaborative innovation projects, while integrating the potential economic benefits as early as possible. Clusters meet two priorities:

  • reinforcing the economic benefits of R&D projects. The clusters become factories for tomorrow's products. They transform collaborative R&D efforts into innovative products, processes and services released onto the market;
  • supporting the growth of SMEs and mid-tier companies (ETIs) by offering collective and individual services in the following areas: access to financing, international development, the forecasting of companies' needs in terms of skills and individual assistance with the development of SMEs, including advice and tutoring.  

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